Saturday, April 09, 2005


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One of the many beaches you can easily check out when you're in Coron. Nobody knew what the CYC meant (we asked) but this gov't owned beach is a great spot for introductory scuba diving with its clear blue waters, amazing reefs and idyllic spot for family picnics and outings.

We stayed here for a couple of days --- pretty good service with big meals and a very welcoming service. They can arrange pick-up and send-off from pier or airport, plus they give good discounts/references to the places to go :-)


fella said...

hi lettte! uy ganda nung resort na pinuntahan niyo a! i've always wanted to go to it expensive? how much yung plane ride and theroom rates? thanks! :)


wanderlust junkie said...

ey mick! actually, we booked through STA travel, they gave us very good rates for everything, which included meals, airfare, boat ride around the area and the scuba lesson. :-) check it out!
You can also ask the resort kung me packages sila, if you don't want to go through the agency.

usa said...

such a beautiful photograph :)

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